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Snazzy House









Bandra, Mumbai

1850 Sq.ft..



'Snazzy' house, based in Bandra, this sea-facing duplex apartment boasts itself of being a modern uber stylish abode that reflects the personality of its owners.

The design is an envelope of three layers of hierarchy. Clean lines, Visual symmetry and Ergonomic planning form the first and the base layer of this hierarchical stack. The second layer comprises of earthy wood tones, solid glass backs and neutral stone options that are coupled with copper and rose gold metallics and patterned paint surfaces. The third and final layer lives up to the drama by adding modern and art deco artworks, bold sculptures and robust upholstery.

Composed onto one another the house does complete justification to its name and displays itself as this bold yet simple backdrop to the drama and life that engulfs within it.

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