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PR Pundit









Dadar, Mumbai

4200 Sq.ft.



Build Smarter and faster; with a lead time of about just 30 days, these two principles governed the entire design ideology.


We started developing the shell with existing vertical surfaces and elements, refabricating them with our designed skins. The glass partition of the cabin and meeting rooms is an outcome of this approach, sandwiched between aluminium frames are pre-existing glass verticals which are cladded with a brand integrated colour vinyl adding a dramatic backdrop to our rather monotone workstation area.


The reception is a robust environment where art meets craftsmanship. Metal, concrete and thread are seamlessly integrated to develop the reception table, the seating station and the arrival frame. A scheme of tables was designed for this project, that follows a language and connects the entire office shell together. The cafeteria is built like a playground for people to move furniture, rearrange it, and use it as per their changing requirements and mood. To add to the play are movable screens that act as whiteboards and soft boards on either side to let people make or break spaces as per their use.


Mono-tone textures, vibrant elements and a dramatic facade are what help in making this office space a young and energetic working environment.

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