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Gurjar Vilas









Harji, Rajasthan

8150 Sq.ft.



Gurjar Vilas is set in a remote village of Harji, based approximately 20kms from the nearest city of Ahore. An ancestral property built-in 1950 with architectural elements having a resemblance to Art deco style and Vernacular architecture. The land was bifurcated into 2 distinct zones – the house and the backyard which was merely just lush untamed landscape. Structural members and load-bearing walls were found in dilapidated conditions and had developed cracks which needed immediate attention. 
After a substantial dialogue, we came up with a decision that instead of demolishing the built mass and rebuilding ground up which the clients had intended to, we would restore the entire structure to its glory and make interventions as per new age requirements. 
Internal walls were strategically demolished to enhance room sizes as per client needs. Balconies were carved out of existing terraces to create private outdoor spaces. A Verandah was designed to create a transitional space that blended the house into the backyard. A pathway was defined that connected the house to the garage space which was earlier used as a barn. 
We maintained a fairly minimal look to the entire house yet detailed the elements that were earlier used on the structure. Dressed in neutral shades so that the structure blends seamlessly with the existing fabric of the village.

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