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EVEN House









Lalbaug, Mumbai

850 Sq.ft.



Built for a nuclear family of just three individuals, the house demanded a singular approach when we started designing the space. The existing layout was an array of spaces in a functional hierarchy, because of which the space didn't feel as open as it should even though it had great potential.

We started with de-cluttering the entrance areas and the common functions precisely the lobby, puja area, storeroom and the kitchen. Rearranging these spaces while still maintaining their intended hierarchy we made sure that we opened up the entire living – dining – kitchen - entrance lobby section visually. Space now looked one.

There was this strong thought among the team that we need to unite spaces and yet have a very different vibe in each room. An approach we took was restricting ourselves to a specific material palette and then exploring ways to use them differently. This reflects greatly throughout the house making the user feel connected to one space yet playing with geometry has a whole different perspective to it.

Storage. Every residential space needs a lot of it, but in this project, we were literally made to push boundaries with the number of storage requirements the client had. To deal with this, we developed our designs and storage units in a way that they get camouflaged with the existing wall surfaces. Moreover, panelling and concealing handles within the shutters made the storage units almost disappear from the surfaces.

Visual connection, clean surfaces, distinct lines, play in geometry and the rigid material palette is what help shape this home into an EVEN House.

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