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Tiny House









Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra.

95 Sq.ft.



The approach to this “tiny house” was inspired by a modular micro-housing system. This system does not only support the idea of compact housing but also allows for flexibility in design based on different site specifications and requirements.

The “tiny house” is split into three different parts:

1. bedroom/living/study

2. kitchen/dining

3. washroom

These three self-sustaining parts can be arranged in multiple ways to provide an optimum output to the site. It can also be arranged to create interesting double height and duplex spaces. The structure is proposed to be that of a metal framework with fibre cement board panels on either side. These panels sandwich insulation to provide as a better conductor. The interior has wooden paneling so as to aesthetically enhance the houses.

The modular furniture allows for smart housing where the living room converts to a bedroom by night and the kitchen and dining coexist in a compact but extremely functional space. The washroom is the only space that follows the norms of architecture.

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