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Expo One









Kekarav, Pune.

4000 Sq.ft.



Minimal yet Bold is what we tried achieving while designing this experience centre. The entire process starts with the entrance vestibule; a shaded walkway in wood & fabric with a centre pitch entrance made in corten steel giving a stark contrast to the rather neutral backdrop of the structure.


Entering in, the user is greeted by an angled wall that houses the brand logo along with a monolith stone reception front with the crumpled paper installation which sparks chaos. Waiting areas with varied seating setups is proposed leading from the reception. The entrance to the AV room is set behind the angled wall creating a sense of ambiguity as the user approaches towards it against a graphic wall that is finished in dark stained veneer. The bare walls help to attract the focus to the central model area along with an infinity light shell that is designed to enhance the spatial quality of a rather finite space.


The four corners are designed in an incremental order highlighting the process in which a user will travel to reach their end goal with each corner designed in a function-specific manner. The entire shell is governed by a core spine which houses the Conference room, AV room & Meeting rooms. The core is a crucial element which takes care of all the HVAC and Exhaust services. Owing to the COVID situation air change at regular intervals is required and as there is no provision for natural ventilation, we went ahead for this complex system as compared to floor mounted coolers. The Support block zoned at the rear end houses the utility services along with coffee corner & back offices. The Arrival zone, that runs across the entire glass facade is used for user-specific functions such as the waiting areas, 4 corners (TRU, Sustainability, Design, Finance) and the VIP lounge cum Director’s cabin.


A circulation pattern has been designed around these functional spaces to cause minimal conflict among users which is highlighted in the floor pattern as well. Linoleum floors have been proposed which is a natural floor made from 97% natural raw materials, 70% of which are rapidly renewable, along with a 43% recycled content.


The entire shell is been designed with a user-centric approach while creating a drama through spatial travel.

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