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34 / 14









Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

975 Sq.ft.



The “34/14” from the urban centre of the towns of Navi Mumbai are characterized by a narrow plot adapted to the structural bay between two parallel bearing walls. Sometimes, as in our case, the plot has great proportional depth, and the access of natural light through the two opposite walls remains very limited. To address this situation, the house has a vertical cut staircase which divide the plan into 2 parts. All the rooms are thus well lit and properly ventilated.


On the ground floor, a large space that includes kitchen, dining and living room facing the courtyard in front. On the first floor, services are placed at the rear attached to a party wall, leaving a central master bedroom, study and library area. There are two bedrooms on each floor; the master bedroom & the children bedroom. On the street facade, the house follows the guidelines of the urban complex which is homogeneous in its general features solid-void ratio, proportion of apertures but heterogeneous and singular in its details.

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